Online Programs

With these modern times of digital delivery, I no longer stock “physical” products at all. So for the book, your best option will be either Real People Press or Amazon. For DVDs and CDs, these occasionally surface on eBay.

The following programs all have instant access with payment via Paypal and all have a one off payment with access to the videos for the life of the product.

Metaphors in My Attic – £89.00

“This is a truly amazing deal. I’ve already jumped in and so far I LOVE the exercise- “Walking a Tightrope” It blows my mind that Andrew is admitting to the world that he has in some ways in past trainings “failed” but that does not seem to stop him from continuing on and finding the best tools to get aquatinted with his followers on a deeper level. I very much like this layout and anyone wise enough to give this another shot won’t regret it. We are all developing personal new themes – his Boundary Violations video alone is worth [it], So once again, fantastic price and superb material!”

Online program for Metaphors of Movement – roughly equivalent to the Level 1 training. This site has many hours of video including complete client sessions. “Metaphors in My Attic” is representative of MoM as it was in 2013 and so has a number of aspects that are out of date that are covered on the level 2 of the training.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – £9.99

Online video based program that covers the main material from the PTSD trainings.

Slimming in My Attic – £9.99

All the material from “Weight Loss – A Neurolinguistic Perspective” recorded for streaming internet presentation.

Identity Panorama – $97.00

Produced in conjunction with social psychologist Lucas Derks, this is one of the most advanced presentations of the online set of programs. We have produced this with the assumption that the viewer has already studied social panoramas and family constellations.

Mirror Visual Feedback – free

An online resource for practitioners working with phantom limb pain and related disorders. This program has a number of complete sessions with phantom limb pain patients and a complete lecture on the model of treatment.

Brass Bollocks – £9.99

Online program outlining my attempts, successes and failures at business building. A bit out of date in places with regards to online promotional work but this remains an excellent program with a 100% positive feedback record.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy – £89.99

Complete video set filmed live in New York, plus bonus videos.