Donkey DNA

During the quieter times or when I’ve been left unattended for too long, I sometimes start replying to scam emails. 99.9% of the times they never reply, however, I got lucky on this occasion and the witless “Hans Williams” replied. I didn’t start off with any plan, I just kind of made things up as I went.  “Andy”, “Ted Bunday”, “Walter Skinner” and “Dana Scully” are all me posting from a variety of email accounts. I got confused often enough to email periodically from the wrong account, which is what caused the diversion into the “intercepted emails” narrative.  There are a few emails missing from below, but enough are there to give you the narrative that emerged.

If the images below are too small, use “cntrl +” to enlarge the screen. This page may take some time to load.  All images are subject to copyright and anyone reproducing them on their own sites (Buzzfeed, I’m looking at you buddy) agree to pay £800 per image per week.

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2 Responses to Donkey DNA

  1. Soni Weiss says:

    OMG , I laughed so hard my sides hurt…..made my day… are a little off, but then all great minds are. Keep up the good work. I am sharing this with my friends….

  2. Sridhat says:

    LoL, Ha! Ha!
    Fell off the chair reading . Looks like it might be your next book.

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