Dinner Club Talks

Short Presentations Offered (40-90mins)
Ideal for social and dinner meetings, WI, PROBUS, Oddfellows, Rotary, Lions Club etc.


Andrew T. Austin is a former registered nurse and hypnotherapist who now works as a therapist and trainer/public speaker. He teaches his work in Metaphors of Movement internationally to a mix of business and personal development audiences as well as mental health professionals.

The Enigma of Phantom Limb Pain and Other Weird Neurology

Phantom limb pain has puzzled physicians since ancient times. Recent developments based on the work by V. S. Ramachandran has meant that this unusual condition is now better understood and much more readily treated.  Andrew T. Austin’s clinical experience in working with this condition has revealed some curious phenomena which raise interesting questions about the nature of consciousness itself. 

Strange Neurological Conditions and Parallel Worlds

With a background in neurosurgery, Andrew T. Austin has experienced first hand many of the more unusual and strange neurological conditions ranging from “blindsight” to alien hand syndrome. Most interesting were the patients who experienced parallel universes following surgery to their pineal glands (the “third eye”) raising questions about how we perceive reality and sense of self.

An Introduction to Business and Money Metaphors

An understanding of metaphor can be readily used in the forensic examination of business strategy. For example, there is a world of difference between “building a business” and “growing a business”. These metaphors are often revealed unconsciously by the speaker, and the trained listener can begin to take on the appearance of a psychic as they decode what isn’t being obviously communicated by the speaker.

“You Can Hear Your Hair grow” – My Life as a Hypnotist

Between 1994 and 2008 most of my work outside of the hospital was as a hypnotherapist.  This talk is a collection of the more unusual and interesting examples from clinical practice.  I’ll also teach the world’s shortest and most effective hypnosis course.

Availability: I tend to book my calendar 12-18months in advance, so long range booking is fine with me. Also, for talks within a reasonable range of Rustington, I can be available for last minute ‘emergency’ bookings to cover cancellations. 

Tel/Text: 07838 387580
Email:  freshnewbrain@gmail.com