Feedback and Testimonials

What people are saying about Andrew T. Austin…

“In a field filled with pretense, Andy’s evident openness and curiosity for what is and what could be are very welcome… in addition to his considerable skills.” Charles Faulkner.

“Love him or hate him, Andrew is always thought provoking in his communications and the planet certainly needs more people like him!” Nick Kemp, NLP Trainer.

“Andrew Austin is clear, original, and outspoken about mental illness, medication, and psychiatry. His skills were honed by years of experience in the “trenches” of psychiatry, so he knows what he is talking about.” Steve Andreas

“Andy Austin is an intelligent and entertaining trainer. He demonstrates high standards regarding working with clients and more importantly, he trains you to become aware of yourself as the clinician/coach in all types of situations. His material is very useful for individuals who want to increase their therapeutic skills. He cleverly leads students to find the answers within and then offers new ideas to challenge their learning even more. I have enjoyed my experiences learning from Andy and I recommend him as a trainer.” Rachel Hott, Ph.D. Co-director The NLP Center of NY

“Took a look at your site Andrew. It is an interesting mixture of intellectual bankruptcy, moral paucity, and an unashamedly cretinous attempt at pretending to want to help people with schizophrenia whilst in reality disparaging them as often as you can. Personally, I think society has far more to fear from intellectual and moral half-wits like you pedaling half baked reactionary theories than from the mentally ill.” Tim via email.

“Andy’s MoM has infused me with new energy and perspective for the work I do. It has also given new life to the tools I already have.” Metaphors student

“Incredibly insightful and thought-provoking training. Andrew Austin is extremely entertaining, bold yet covertly compassionate, and skillfully models how to help chronic clients discover where they stand with their problems.” Metaphors of Movement trainee

“I can’t thank you enough for inviting me and my friends onto your most excellent course. It has been the single most productive event in all my NLP studies” Rob A’Court

“If you mean results, Andy himself has gone through the system. He has worked with patients for years in mental health wards and has since proven one of the best people-helpers in the whole of the UK (I know – I go to him for advice).” David Gould, NLP Practitioner, Therapist

“Andrew Austin the madcap master of NLP, hypnosis and much, much more. His presentations continually presuppose of fun and his passionate belief in his material is outstanding. If you are just starting out or already have much experience you cant help but learn from the master of with (and you’ll be coming back for more!)” Roy Miller

“Initially rather unsettling, but always provocative, Andy has been a great source of inspiration and general support.” Christina Carol

“Andy is as insightful in person as his website would suggest. Unorthodox, perhaps, but always passionate; his grasp of his chosen subject is, frankly, astonishing and matched only by the single mindedness with which he pursues still deeper understanding.” Dr. Alan Lush PhD

“I am astounded that you think anyone who disagrees with your slant on DID [Dissociative Identity Disorder] is a blithering idiot. Obviously, you have not lived 24/7 with someone who has gone through the brain washing of ritual abuse. As a layman, I didn’t have the expertise to “lead” her anywhere. I accepted the horror that emerged from my wife’s repressed memory as real experiences because they were obviously true. PS. You can’t spell.” D. L. Wilder

“After working with their own Metaphors of Movement through these models, the experience people generally tend to describe is a sense of being more “awake.” So often we do not pay attention to our own communication, using metaphoric words seemingly at random that are in fact incredibly rich clues into our internal experience and strategies for moving through the world. Through attending to what we are each already saying, and to the underlying metaphoric structure, suddenly the way we maintain our problems is revealed, and we have the choice to change.” Trainee testimonial

“The aftermath of life after meeting Andy has been so much more colourful. He has encouraged and given me confidence to tread a truer path…A quiet euphoria dawned when I realised that there were others ‘out there’ on a similar wavelength…”
Corinne Scurr, Snr Midwife, Master Practitioner NLP

“After attending a workshop with Andy I put into practice within a week my new found skills – WOW! – amazing and rapid results. I believed I listened to my clients, I now knew that I didn’t hear their movement or lack of it!! Within 2 hours a client who had spent thousands of pounds seeking a cure from others found the right way forward and could engage their gear. Previously everything was going wrong (and the movement metaphors were going left) and when things went the right way she found movement. We had walls that could be seen over, but couldn’t be got over; scared of falling on their bum……. and literally a numb bum, that triggered instant movement, and a desire to move forward through engaging their gears. Applying a bit of filtering and a walk down a funny road and she had successfully made a way forward, specifically the right way forward. A 3 day check in for feedback and the feedback was good – the best session ever, and the best technique I had used. A successful outcome? Yeah – even the client left feeling good!!  I would recommend that all practitioners who want to support their clients achieve movement learn this great skill.”  Lesley Hoyle (NLP Practitioner)

“I think through your site I got a sense of someone who only has one hat in his wardrobe. Thanks for your hard work in providing such an informative and entertaining site.” Bruce Grimley, Psychologist

“I have observed Andy teaching junior students and was very impressed with his teaching ability and empathy with them.” Student Report by Clinical Supervisor, 1993

“Reading your comments on nihilistic delusion I cannot help but think you are a judgmental, self-satisfied, smug little ***. Your contempt of the afflicted is quite frankly breathtaking. People like you are probably the best ad ever for government regulation of so-called ‘therapists’.” Frank Kelly

“Thanks very much for taking the time to help me out, I can’t even remember when it was now…I’ve felt great since I spoke with you and let it all out…I’ve also met a really nice guy…” L.T, Client

“I have the highest praise for Andy – He always pays particular care to each individual and is well liked by patients and staff” Student Nursing Report. 1991

“I thought you seemed motivated by a humane and compassionate attitude and one of genuine listening for the meaning behind the language of ‘delusion’ I wish there had been a nurse like you in the hospitals I was in.”K. N., patient

“Thank-you so much for all of your help, I will continue with all the good work.” H.B., Client.

“…it can’t be easy to be so willfully ignorant. Do you people pay you for that? Wow…!” Vashti, via usenet.

“Attending Metaphors of Movement was enlightening and I think you have begun to add a very important intervention to a Therapists tool box and created another model for creating personal change. Focusing on behaviour and what we do when in a situation that is causing distress is liberating and as designed enables movement instead of inertia and sometimes paralysis.  The content was clearly delivered and as always with fun and humour.” J. Bissett

“Unfortunately his written work does not always seem to reach a similar standard, it often lacks accuracy in punctuation, especially full stops and capital letters, and the creative aspect is not as good as I would expect” Miss Little. My English teacher, 1984

“A sincere thank-you to you, you were like a friend who talked a lot of sense” R. G., Client

“I have never known anything like it in my life. You are a disgrace, do you always behave in such a unprofessional manner?”
Sharon Griffin

“I’m so glad I rang you! Thank you for your help – it’s magic!” R.S., Client

“Andy has a bit of a reputation as a rebel – I think that a little diplomacy would help Andy put his view across better” Clinical Assessment Student Report. 1993

“Andrew is pleasant, polite and punctual and an extremely useful lad to have around; helping and participating whenever he can, it does seem a shame he should be selling himself short in his subject work.” School Report 1984.

“The twisted little jerk who is responsible for the bigotted drivel within that web site packaged as some kind of enlightened approach to schizophrenia reminds me of those people that go gay bashing…he is too scared or too lacking in insight to seek help for his own problems so chooses to ridicule the mentally ill intead.” Tim once again

“You seem to have traveled a long way since your Master Prac…Congratulations on a really EXCELLENT website…” John Blackburn, Hypnotist

“…could do better…” Mr. “Nobby” Clarke. History teacher, 1982

“What does the ‘T’ Stand for?” Dave

“I stumbled onto your “A Walk in the Park” article while searching for NLP info. How refreshing! As a lay person in the computer field that’s trying to get their hands around NLP and hypnosis in general, it was so nice to finally read something that made sense. YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK!” B Hall

“I read your suicide page with great interest and would like to congratulate you on such an honest and refreshing approach to the subject. It is widely misunderstood and those of us who feel that suicide is the only way out are so often mis-judged, patronised and looked down upon by others, particularly doctors!. Thank you so much for such an interesting article.” Emilia

“Read your posted comments on D. Corydon Hammond. It seems, especially in the USA, there are few minds that have the political resolve to disagree with him. It is unfortunate. Glad we are of the enlightened few! Keep it up!” W. Bell

“I received hypnotherapy treatment from you back in June of this year for stopping smoking, and I would just like to say that I seemed to have succeeded in my battle of the vile habit! In other words I still haven’t smoked and it is wonderful. My life feels so much fresher and I have a certain sense of self-confidence and well being that I have managed to overcome something that really did used to stress me out. I can’t even believe that I used to smoke – it is a weird but pleasant feeling.” E.C