Ask Andy – Video #1

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  1. Is “Ask Andy” going to have a regular day and time slot ongoing please? Many thanks

  2. Many thanks really enjoyed this little session. Agreed with how to work with fear both feedback and feedforward types. Am glad you are now talking about using both IEMT & MOM together when approaching certain issues. Have spoken about this with you several times in the past and you were always very anti combining the 2 modalities, whereas I felt that together they were a brilliant way to approach so many things. Agreed that it’s good to get issues that also have a high kinaesthetic response or overload down to a workable level prior to any identity work or metaphor work. Sometimes will do PSAC’S instead/before Eye Movement work even. If the person is more Maybe Man wishy washy about the feelings they have, MOM is often a better way to to start to approach things. The POC’s are also really important to establish and bring into the clients awareness as the change may be self sabotaged if not. Tend to also use some Human Givens approaches to look at their wider environment and discover what human needs are not or are barely being met, as changing a kinaesthetic or even helping them with their sense of identity or metaphorical movement is great, but if their human needs are not being addressed the issue will in all probability recur sooner rather than later. Best wishes Sonia

  3. Soni Weiss says:

    So glad to hear your opinion on narcissists…thought I was alone here. If we would go one step further or down we could also see that most of them are broken people to afraid to commit, yet needing emotional contact and seeking some love. Maybe if we saw them this way we would not have to go into attack and anger in order to protect ourselves which only feeds their existing story of how bad women/men really are.
    Giving up judgment does not mean we accept the behavior….it does mean there will be more pece in our soul though. Keep up the good work…I love your style

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