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The Rainbow Machine

the-rainbow-machine-andrew-t-austinBuy The Rainbow Machine: Tales from a Neuro-linguist’s Journal By Andrew T. Austin

“Wow! This is the book that has best captured that sense of mischevious glee and energy that I first got when I did my initial NLP training and began to read and watch people like Bandler in action. Here is someone who understands that unless the map changes first, all the techniques in the world won’t make a difference… and just sit back and prepare to be gob-smacked at Andrew Austin’s complete daring and willingness to be an ‘anti-therapist’… its just so refreshing, startling, scary and down-right brilliant…

Aside from plenty of ‘did he really just do that?’ moments, there is also copious amounts of rich and thought-provoking stuff in this book which makes it an especially good one for dipping back into. The chapters are short, humourous and cover all sorts of different things which makes it a good one for those of us with wandering minds or if you want to discover hidden arts of changing folk whilst waiting for the bus…

If you really want to understand NLP as a therapeutic discipline then read this book… Having also read a recent attempt at an academic perspective on NLPt (Neuro-linguistic psychotherapy) complete with shockingly dubious attempts to match NLP with psycho-analytical ideas (Wrong! wrong! wrong! Yes, I know we live in a multi-map reality but still??!!) this really stands out as a book that resonates with the spirit and intention of the original NLP developers…

I know there are some in the NLP community, perhaps looking to their pensions, who do want NLP to become respectable and grow old, but a bit like Gestalt without Perls, its all nice and quiet now but missing something… ah that’s it… balls and spirit!!!

Buy this book… viva la revolution…”


“I have recommended this book to everyone I know (friends / neighbours / colleagues).

I originally came across this book when I was researching reading materials while doing NLP & Hypnotherapy courses. At the time, my tutors never heard of him, and was keen to read about Andy Austin and his life annecdotes.

I’m not a great reader of books, it has to be good easy reading for me to read it again and again. I like the way that the examples of each short story of his life are in individual chapters….which can be from one page to several pages long. That way, it keeps your interest and you’re eager to know what else has happened in his life. He started out working for NHS and progressed his career to mental health professsional. He eventually out grew the confinds of his employers, expanded his experience, training, was inundated with work and made the leap to go solo…..and from there he never looked back. He is a guru in his field of work and has trained and given advice to many leading mental health professionals world-wide.

Andy Austin is a great story-teller and an exceptional healer of minds. I have watched him in action on UTube and would love to see him at one of his seminars or courses. I will look out for any other books he has written.

Regards, Sharon C from Norfolk, UK”

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The Rainbow Machine - Tales from a Neurolinguist's Journal.

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