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"...I thought you seemed motivated by a humane and compassionate attitude and one of genuine listening for the meaning behind the language of 'delusion'... I wish there had been a nurse like you in the hospitals I was in."

K. N., patient

Andrew T. Austin and Nick Kemp will be in India between 10th - 20th January 2011 for workshops.
Please read through the proposal below.


INDIA - Better Business and Leadership for Entrepreneurs with Andrew T. Austin and Nick Kemp.

Trivandrum, Kerala, India - Friday 14th January 2011

In this one day workshop, trainers, Andrew T. Austin and Nick Kemp will be sharing some of their techniques and strategies for creating better business.

This workshop is designed with the small business and independent entrepreneur in mind.

Andrew T. Austin will be covering much of his work from his "Metaphors of Money" training which covers cultural patterns and limiting beliefs about money, self sabotage, confidence and procrastination.

Subjects covered:

Three Primary Processes

1. acquisition (i.e. earning, wealth creation etc)
2. storage (i.e. saving, investing)
3. disposal (i.e. spending)

Common Metaphors of Money

"Money doesn't grow on trees."
"[The love of money is] the root of all evil."
"I'm in the money."
"Filthy rich."
"Dirt poor."
"Filthy lucre."
"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needles than a rich man to enter heaven."
"Money doesn't buy me love."
"I'm not made of money."
"I'm minted."
"Look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves."
"Throwing it all away."
"Going up in smoke."
"Frittering it away."
"Mr Money Bags."
"Spending like it is going out of fashion."
"He's got the midas touch."
"Saving for a rainy day."
"Money for old rope."
"Money for nothing."

Cultural stereotypes: rich jews, tight arabs, corrupt bankers, etc
Social class stereotypes: working class, landed gentry, etc
Having money: "I'm loaded", "I'm broke", "I'm penniless", "I'm minted", "I'm comfortable".
Economic theories and perception: Game theories, zero sum game etc. “Only so much to go around.”
Exchange systems and token economies: What money is actually worth.
Nick Kemp will be covering:
· Generating States - How we can identify and get in and out of useful states
· The Power of Language - The way in which we use language in influence
· Rapport Building - Connecting with others
· Delivery Systems - The different ways in which we can communicate
· Strategic Thinking - Developing effective strategies for successful communication

These trainings are highly interactive and our role as trainers is to provoke useful insights and realizations from the workshop attendees.

The key areas we include in relation to language are:
· Suggestive Predicates - phrases that create client attention
· Sensory Rich Language - Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic language
· Command Language - Language that directs attention
· Elicitation Patterns - Language to elicit information
· Failure Patterns - Language patterns that communicate failure and lack of trust
Better Business and Leadership for Entrepreneurs with Andrew T. Austin and Nick Kemp. Friday 14th January 2011 - Trivandrum, Kerala, India.


INDIA - An Introduction to Provocative Therapy and Metaphors of Movement with Andrew T. Austin and Nick Kemp.
Saturday 15th January 2011 - Trivandrum, Kerala, India

In this workshop, Andrew T. Austin, inspired by the work of Charles Faulkner, demonstrates how to overcome stuck states and create effective movement towards your personal goals.

Clients often arrive in therapy complaining of a lack of movement in their lives, both metaphorically and literally. Common expressions of how the person feels that reflects this lack of movement include:
· I feel stuck
· I don't feel like I am going anywhere
· I am stuck in a rut
· I feel like I am going around in circles
· I'm not making any progress at all
· I am not moving forward
· I feel like I am going backwards

There are many expressions that reflect a lack of movement in a person's life. In addition to this, many people lack direction:
· I don't know where I am going
· I don't know which way to turn next
· I feel lost
· I lack direction in life
· I feel disorientated
· I feel like I'm going the wrong way in life
· I don't know the right way forward

Instead of paying attention to these metaphors of movement and direction, all too often in therapy there is an excessive attention paid to the kinesthetic system and the emotions. As a result we often find a person who finds themselves unable to move forward until they have the right feeling in place.

It is often noticed that many martial arts and systems of physical movement are highly philosophical in nature, an example that is well known to many people is from Aikido, where an opponents movement is not blocked, but instead is redirected. In this Metaphors of Movement workshop, Austin demonstrates the relationship between the way a person moves their body and the way a person moves through their mind and through their life.

Nick Kemp will be introducting his Provocative Change Works model which draws both inspiration and strategies from the work of Frank Farrelly, Milton Erickson and Richard Bandler, among others to create a powerful set of tools for accelerated change. Provocative Change Works™ can therefore be "described" in terms of Provocative Therapy, NLP and Hypnosis, but is different to these specific individual disciplines.

Nick Kemp have found this combination of tools to produce the fastest, most successful and lasting results when working with clients. He used the Provocative Change Works™ approach in 2006 when appearing on BBC Radio for a 6 month series of live one hour programmes where he cured phobics live on the air using these tools.

Nick also uses this approach in his private practice and the approach is demonstrated extensively on the "Provocative Change Works™ for Phobias" DVD set, which shows him working with long standing phobics producing some really excellent results.

Frank Farrelly provides narration and commentary on these DVDs commented "You'll find his work on phobias using PT mixed with NLP and hypnosis quite a blend and Enlightening!!"

An Introduction to Provocative Therapy and Metaphors of Movement with Andrew T. Austin and Nick Kemp.
Saturday 15th January 2011 - Trivandrum, Kerala, India


Therapeutic Change - One Day Tutorial
The proposal here is that we run a small seminar with a group of professionals (psychologists, psychiatrist, counsellors, etc) or students of those fields.

We both work with clients if possible, or with the group, and explain what we do and then rationalise for what we are doing for discussion with the group.

This session will be filmed for training purposes.

What would be great is that we do this at the University to the psychology department. Interested parties please email me directly.

Client Sessions – One Day

We’d like to get a group of clients (10-12) and a suitable well lit and quiet room to film one to one sessions, without audience (maybe one or two interested and suitable people to sit in and observe). Sessions will be between 20-60 minutes in length.

We’ve done this before and I generally use the university drama rooms which are painted all black and have black curtains and studio lighting.

Other Possible Additions
Giving lecture or session at the University
Lectures or sessions at a hospital
Prison visit, mental hospital visit
Any local business wishing to book us for a presentation/staff training (half day/one day)


Read the Indian Express newspaper interview and article here (PDF)

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