Different. Not an ordinary therapist.


When not conducting training courses, I am available for presentations to small and large groups both in the UK and abroad.

I am most commonly invited to speak at NLP practise groups and NLP, hypnosis and alternative therapy conferences. Please note that I do not use powerpoint, cannot wear a tie correctly and I do not possess a corporate style of speaking and presenting and so am not suitable for all audiences.

“Andy provided four days of enlightenment for me to discover how I can take the client’s language as clues to what is needed. I have new tools for understanding metaphors. Even how amazing movement allows those “Ahas” of change. Change is what I see and know—change in how/what moves the client in life.”

“After working with their own Metaphors of Movement through these models, the experience people generally tend to describe is a sense of being more “awake.” So often we do not pay attention to our own communication, using metaphoric words seemingly at random that are in fact incredibly rich clues into our internal experience and strategies for moving through the world. Through attending to what we are each already saying, and to the underlying metaphoric structure, suddenly the way we maintain our problems is revealed, and we have the choice to change.”

“This training has helped me have a completely different view of all the training I’ve had to this point. My view of the world and others has expanded where I can fit so much more into it.”


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